Sunday Morning

Join Us!

What you should know: 

General information

Worship begins at 9:00am and lasts for about an hour. Coffee and snacks are available in the sanctuary entryway ('narthex') following worship. The snacks are good, and the fellowship is better! 


We believe that the spirit of welcome should extend to our physical space. Thanks to a lift project that was completed in 2015, all areas of the church building are accessible to those who may have difficulty with steps. The lift is located to the left of the building if you face the main double doors to the sanctuary. There are bathrooms on the main floor and the basement level. Need help finding something? Just ask!

Worship style

Clayton Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We are proud of being a place where individuals and families of various faith backgrounds will feel at home. 


Yes, but you need not feel any pressure to give. We collect an offering during worship because we believe that this is one way that we can respond with gratitude to all that God has done and will do for us. Our offering is used to support the mission and ministries of the church. Your participation is welcome, but by no means expected. 

Should I dress up?

Wear whatever is most comfortable to you. We are pretty casual, but whether you're wearing your Sunday best or dressed for a sporting event later in the day, you'll fit right in. 


We celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and Communion in worship on a regular basis, although not every Sunday. If you attend worship on a Sunday when we are celebrating Communion, know that you are welcome to partake of the elements. Christ's grace is available to all. 

I'll be bringing my infant, kids, grandkids, neighbor...

Great! Children are always welcome in worship and are a vital part of our community of faith. They will be invited to join Pastor Madison for a special Children's Time prior to the sermon. Afterward, children are welcome to make their way to the Fellowship Hall for Sunday School, or to sit with their families for the remainder of worship. 


...don't hesitate to ask! You may reach Pastor Deb directly through the 'Contact Us' page of the website. We would love to hear from you.